Government funding

You can pay for all our services using your Home Care Package. Call us today to find out how to switch to Age Up Health.


There are two government funding programs in place to help you pay for in-home care. The first is the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), which is recommended for those requiring an occasional, lower level of support. The other option is a Home Care Package (HCP), which covers more complex needs, and is recommended for when ongoing or comprehensive care is required. Both of these packages offer four levels of funding – basic, low-level, intermediate, and high-level.

The CHSP is designed for those with low needs, requiring only occasional support. Services supplied for CHSP recipients usually come from your local council.

The Home Care Package (HCP) is meant for more comprehensive, coordinated care. Services supplied for HCP recipients is provided by what’s known as a Home Care Provider. There are over 900 Home Care Providers to choose from in Australia, so this is where it can get a bit tricky!

More information about these government packages can be found on the government’s website, My Aged Care, which is also where you’ll need to go if you choose to apply. We know it might seem like a pretty daunting process, so we’ve included a step-by-step guide below to help you get through it stress-free.

If you get stuck, you can call one of our free care advisors at any time to guide you through the process.

Applying for a Home Care Package


1. You must be over 65 to apply. If you identify as an Indigenous person, you’re on a low income, or you’re homeless or at risk of homelessness, you are eligible to apply from the age of 50.


2. You’ll then need to request an assessment through My Aged Care, which will begin the package application process. If you’d like, Age Up Health are happy to make a referral for assessment on your behalf, or you can contact My Aged Care directly on 1800 200 422. If you’d like Age Up Health to be your service provider, you can include this in your assessment request. This means we’ll be notified when your package becomes available, and we can contact you to help organise the next steps.


3. My Aged Care will contact you to let you know the date of your upcoming assessment. It’s a good idea to jot down or memorise exactly what services you’ll think you’ll need, to make sure that you cover everything during your assessment. The assessor will come to you, in your home, so you won’t need to go anywhere. For more information on what an assessment entails, and which documents you’ll need to have ready, you can visit the Prepare for Your Assessment section of the My Aged Care website.


4. After your assessment, My Aged Care will send you a letter detailing the outcome. It will tell you if you are eligible for a funding package, and which level of funding you are eligible for – basic, low-level, intermediate or high-level. If you are eligible, you’ll be placed on a national waiting list, and they’ll let you know when your package becomes available. Call us when you receive this letter – or if you’ve already put us down as your preferred provider, we’ll call you – and we can help you with the next steps. While you wait for your package, we can work out private funding to cover the gap, or see if there are any short-term government funding options available for you. You’ll also get a ‘Readiness Letter’ from My Aged Care about 3 months before your package commences, which includes some important paperwork for you. Feel free to ring us and we’ll be more than happy to help you fill it out.


5. Once you’ve been allocated your package, you’ll receive another letter from My Aged Care outlining the package that has been assigned to you. If you’d like to continue with Age Up Health, contact us again when you get this letter, and we’ll organise a meeting with one of our care coordinators to work out which of our services are right for you, and together you can write up a care plan that suits your lifestyle and needs. 

If at this point, you’re still unsure if we’re the right provider for you, that’s okay! You’ll have 56 days from the date you receive your letter to choose a care provider, and a further 28 day extension is available if you need more time to think.