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What is a Home Care Package?

The Department of Health recognises the benefits of living at home later in life, and has created a funding instrument known as a Home Care Package to cover the cost of receiving aged care at home.

The Home Care Package is designed to assist you to pay for home care services when you can longer perform everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning and showering, or if the care you need is more complex or intensive.

What can I pay for with the Home Care Package?

The Home Care Package is designed to help you pay for care and support to live a full and healthy life at home. This includes services that keep you well and independent such as nursing, allied health and personal care, services that keep you safe at home such as domestic assistance and home modifications, and services that keep you connected to your community such as transport and social activities.

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Am I eligible for a Home Care Package?

If you are aged over 65 and require coordinated services to keep you at home, or are under 65 but have a disability, dementia or other care needs not being met by specialist services, you can apply to be assessed for a Home Care Package.

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