Our community groups use personality-matching techniques to create small groups of people who share your personality, values, interests and life experience. We envision these groups as a way to widen your circle and keep you connected to your community as you age,with our aged care community services. They’re somewhere you can unwind with friends and socialise, learn a new skill, or engage an old favourite hobby, with a wide range of activities, workshops, events and special-interest lectures available to participate in. 

At Age Up, we understand the power of community. We know this is a passion that many people share, so we also provide ways for you to volunteer, work with local charity events, or participate in our own community development groups, who are working to constantly improve our neighbourhoods and aged care community services to better suit the older generation.

  • Meet people with similar hobbies and interests
  • Learn new skills in our workshops and special interest lectures
  • Enjoy the arts with access to a wide range of shows, films and museums
  • Participate in community development groups
  • Give back with charity events and volunteer work

We happily provide transport to and from all community group events, workshops and activities.