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Dementia – let Age Up Health be your key support

At Age Up Health our priority is to help you Live Your Best Life – and we assist our clients with dementia to achieve this via our in-home dementia care services by focusing on all the ways we can support them, in their own homes – because research shows for most, and for as long as possible, this affords their best quality of life.

Through every stage of the journey, we’ll provide qualified home dementia care staff with the specific skills required to best support their changing needs so their independence, self-esteem and sense of purpose are maintained whilst assisting them to live life to the fullest.

Our Care Coordinators work as your key support, in collaboration with families, to create a person-centric care plan especially designed to maintain all your meaningful activities and routines whilst initiating strategies to offer support, when and how they are most needed.

Because care plans are individualized this support might be to investigate ways you can continue with the hobbies and interests that you love or even ways your home environment can be modified to assist your daily living activities or even so you can navigate your space more easily.

Our holistic and supportive care approach provides the individual living with dementia, and their families, practical pathways to the most beneficial types of support whether that be through specialist at-home services, alternative therapies (music, reminiscence) and including respite and palliative care.

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